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This is an interesting take. I buy some of it. Drake is an unrooted, expensive "floating tree" in a posh hotel where you don't know what city you're in because "luxury" is the hotel's ethos. Taylor Swift is more of a sprawling big oak tree in the center of one of those luxury hotels that is in every city, but they keep the "theme" of Americana/that city intact in their design. Sure they uprooted the tree (or maybe their whole thing is they built the hotel around the tree and couldn't knock it down per ordinance!), but it the feeling of the city can still be felt with in the structure.

Technological advances, I think, make us want to have a future based off the past. Nostalgia acts provide us a place to put our baggage while we roam and look at new acts inspired by these artists, like 100 gecs (who I enjoy in addition to Drake and Taylor), but we always return to the hotel lobby when we feel frightened by the lack of groundedness of so many acts.

We had the show (2000s/early 2010s), we had the after-party (late 2010s/never-ending), and now we're in a hotel lobby that is so grand and luxurious. Everyone knows at 4am you have to leave the lobby and take it to your room, and do what you like. I'm going to sleep. (obviously, noted the person who I borrowed these lyrics from in the last bit is awful)

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